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Make It Happen

We hope that this model can be used in a decentralized way by people trying it out where they live, and we want to help

Image by Pravin Chavda

If you’re intrigued

or inspired by this model, here are some ways you can help make it happen:

Have conversations

The model ultimately depends on homeowners being inspired and excited to participate in this model, and the first step is conversation. We anticipate that an important way to reach homeowners will be through people they already know and care about.

Talk about this model with friends, family, and homeowners you know, especially those in your neighbourhood.

Do the survey

If you’re a homeowner, please take a few minutes to fill out our survey here. We want to hear from all homeowners, even if you’re not keen on this model. And if you’re interested in exploring this model in relation to your own property, please get in touch!


Spread the word

Join the conversation on social media and join our mailing list. We won’t share your contact info with others, and we’ll only use your email to provide updates on the project a few times each year.




Contribute services

If you’re a lawyer, accountant, realtor, consultant, policy person, or other professional and you’re willing to volunteer some of your time with us, please get in touch. Sharing your expertise could help us support more transitions with this model. Please get in touch if you’re interested in offering pro-bono support.

Look into land trusts and cooperatives

If you're a homeowner (or you're working with one) who is keen to explore this model further, an important step will be to figure out the institution that will own the housing. Look into land trusts, housing cooperatives, and other non-profit housing providers in your region, and see if there are any that share your values and may be interested in taking on this role. Alternatively, create a land trust or housing cooperative with future residents as members.

We can support with the tools we have and help guide the legal and financial property transition.

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