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Who We Are

Carla Bergman

Carla Bergman has spent the past two decades working with and in community to find creative and viable ways for all folks to thrive. From creating spaces with youth to turning public spaces into free community spaces, carla anchors her work in the intersections of housing and art. Through an anticolonial lens, carla is passionate about finding concrete ways for Vancouver to be affordable and vibrant for all its residents. 

Carla is a writer, independent scholar, and producer who lives in housing precarity with her kids and partner. 

Nick Montgomery

Nick Montgomery is passionate about creating alternatives to the dominant order of things, with a focus on housing and food. For the last fifteen years, he has been exploring non-profit and collective ways of living and working, including community land trusts, cooperatives, intentional communities, affinity groups, permaculture, and collective housing. He holds a PhD in Cultural Studies and has designed and taught courses for a number of universities and colleges across Canada. Nick is a writer, theory nerd, and gardener living with his partner on Sla-dai-aich (Denman Island, BC).

Jamie Leigh Gonzales

Jamie-Leigh Gonzales is a Portuguese/Squamish mother and content creator. With a passion for technology and storytelling, Jamie-Leigh has become dedicated to her multimedia practices; through the creation of engaging content, she hopes to stimulate meaningful dialogue that challenges the status quo and encourages systemic change. 

Jamie-Leigh is a renter who has lived in 13 different homes in the last decade in Vancouver and surrounding areas — she is searching for housing stability for her and her kid.

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